Here is just a small selection of the images from the Played in Britain collection. The selection will be updated regularly. If you have a photo of a favourite sporting place, email it to us at with full details and we will do our best to find a slot. Note we are particularly interested in unusual details: plaques, weathervanes, turnstiles and so on.

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Sporting places

Stands and stadiums, grounds and greens, pools and pavilions, billiard halls and ice rinks, racecourses and golf courses, lidos and boat houses - Played in Britain celebrates all forms of historic and modern sporting architecture. Delve here for the power of place, the power of play...

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Sporting plaques

A number of local authorities and agencies have put up plaques to commemorate sporting heroes or key locations, as have English Heritage. If you would like to nominate someone or somewhere in London for a distinctive English Heritage blue plaque, please email it to .

War Memorials

War memorials

To mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War in 1914, Played in Britain presents a selection of war memorials at sports grounds and clubs around the country. Most are plaques, some are actual buildings, and one or two are even whole grounds. All bear testament to the sense of pride felt by club members and supporters when remembering team-mates and officials who gave their lives in order that others might carry on and 'play the game'.

If your club has a memorial that you would like to be featured on our gallery, please email the details to .

Sport and the Decorative Arts

Sport and the Decorative Arts

Sport has proved a popular theme in the decorative arts since the days of Ancient Greece. In modern Britain it is to be found in a wide range of forms, settings and materials; in stained glass in churches and pubs, in concrete artworks on the side of Brutalist buildings and in tiled imagery on station walls. In this gallery we feature examples spotted by Played in Britain contributors, with special thanks to Lynn Pearson, author of Played in Tyne & Wear.

Please note that a fully illustrated database of sporting statues compiled by the University of Sheffield can be viewed here.

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