Villa Park - 100 Years

A centenary celebration of one of the world's most historic sporting arenas


By: Simon Inglis
RRP: £24.95
Format: 240pp hardback
ISBN: 0946866430
Published by Sports Projects in 1997

Villa Park - 100 Years is a superbly produced chronicle of Aston Villa's famous football ground in Birmingham, tracing the site's colourful history from the 17th century – when it formed part of the grounds of the Jacobean Aston Hall – to the present day.

When Aston Villa moved there in 1897 the site was already a major focus for sport in the Midlands, having staged athletics, cycling and football since the 1870s. Between 1914-24 Villa Park would be transformed by Archibald Leitch, Britain's foremost football ground designer, whose Trinity Road Stand was the most sophisticated yet seen. It was British football's first stand to feature a restaurant, and cost over twice its original budget.

The Trinity Road Stand was demolished in 2000, much to the dismay of fans and architectural historians alike. Villa Park – 100 Years is therefore a lasting tribute to a unique building and historic ground.

Another work of exceptional quality... a historical tour de force.

— Independent

Quite the best historical book on football it has been my pleasure to read.

— Birmingham Evening Mail