A stadium odyssey

By: Simon Inglis
RRP: £18.00 (offer price: £8.00 from this website)
Format: 310pp hardback 245mm x 160mm
ISBN: 0-224-05968-8
Published by Yellow Jersey Press in 2000

Please note: Sightlines is now also available via Kindle and as an audiobook from various sources, including iTunes, which you can access by clicking the covers below.

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In Sightlines - a Stadium Odyssey, Simon Inglis is fan with a mission. Fed up with being labelled as an ‘anorak’, yet repeatedly led astray by the glimpse of a grandstand across a crowded city, he searches the world for a deeper meaning behind his fascination for stadiums.

In this highly personalized collection of stories, Simon finds out why there are more football grounds in Buenos Aires than public libraries; why Auckland residents resent their local stadium while those in Chicago celebrate theirs; and asks what we can learn from the Indians, the Irish and a huckster from Houston.

Sightlines is the perfect companion volume to Simon’s bestselling books on football grounds – full of insight, wit, anecdotes and characters from a world that every sports fan will recognise.

Another classic, a glorious stadium odyssey.

— Frank Keating, Guardian

A funny, honest and highly readable account of one man’s obsession.

— The Sunday Times

Inglis is the spiritual leader for us poor souls who suffer a sinful quickening of the pulse when we see floodlights looming... in a curious love-song to the modern sporting arena - his journey is one that demands company.

— Irish Times

A terrific book, full of unexpected wisdom, unforced humour and unfeigned amazement. It will remind you of why you love sport and why you love live sport.

— FourFourTwo magazine